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June 2013

Campbeltown Courier – time to celebrate

Campbeltown Courier – Jolomo Award

Daily Recoord – Tributary by Ruth Nicol

The Press and Journal Artist’s Exhibition

Oban Times – Campbeltown Artist wins prestigious Jolomo Award

Daily Record – ‘A Passion for Colour’

Daily Mail – Scot’s Artist who is making waves (Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards)

The Press and Journal – Stylish Judy’s so in Vogue ( Jolomo award for Innovation and Creativity  in 2011)

The Scotsman – Winning Waves - Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards

Herald – Jolomo Retrospective

May 2013

The Scotsman - The Jolomo Bank of Scotland chools Award

Daily Mail – Young Artist’s award ‘The Jolomo Bank of Scotland Schools Awards’

The Herald - The Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards Finalists

The Herald - The Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards

The Scotsman - The Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards

Daily Record – The Jolomo Bank of Scotland Awards

The Daily Telegraph - Town with Nicholas Crane

The Journal - Town with Nicholas Crane

Courier & Advertiser - Town with Nicholas Crane

The Independent - Town with Nicholas Crane

Evening News Edinburgh - Town with Nicholas Crane

Yorkshire Evening Post - Town with Nicholas Crane

The News - Town with Nicholas Crane

Manchester Evening News - Town with Nicholas Crane

Sunday Mail – Nicholas Crane programme about Oban

Scotland on Sunday – Town with Nicholas Crane

The Independent – TV Guide -Town with Nicholas Crane

The Daily Telegraph - What to watch

The Independent – Television Choices

April 2013

Herald – The lemond Gallery advert full page

Daily Mail – “Jolomo at home with solo show”

March 2013

Campbeltown Courier – Dawnne in running for Jolomo award”

Argyllshire Advertiser -  – “Argyll artist shortlisted for Jolomo Award”

February 2013

The Scotsman – “People” charity drive and auction.

January 2013

Courier & Advertiser – “Gem of an idea for starting business”

The Herald – “Gallery round-up”

Paisley Daily Express – “Art’s the way to raise cancer cash”


December 2012

The Herald – “Flowers for Scotland”

November 2012

Evening Times – “Goldie grafts at art show”

The Press and Journal – “Kipping in Kippen”

Courier & Advertiser – “Argyll, The Hebrides, Angus”

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Jolomo donates £3000.00 to maintain MS oxygen supplie for one year.

Paisley Daily Express – “Annabel put art and soul into top cause”

Evening Times – “Last chance to snap up cancer art”

The Scotsman – “One-Man’s show: Jolomo retrospective”

The Metro – “ouncil chiefs have no right to tell us how to act on trams”

The Scotsman – “Widening his horizons”

Evening Times – “Scotland today Jolomo’s Clydebank Show”

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Jolomo work boosts church group”

October 2012

Alloa & Hillfoots Advertiser – “Landscape images can netpainter £35K booty”

The Scotsman – “Rock star’s island tour”

The Herald – “Arts News”

Evening imes – “St Enoch art show boosts kid’s charity”

Courier & Advertiser – “Fundraiser celebrates rugby legend Bill McLaren”

September 2012

The Scotsman – “Outside the norm”

The Yorkshire Times – “Carer’s Resource in the Frame for Cash”

The Herald – “In The Frame”

The Scotsman – “ Jolomo tells how he was inspired by Van Gogh as awards launched”

Paisley Daily Express – “Art awards offer a stroke of good fortune”

Evening Express – “ Chance to scoop top art award”

Midlothian Advertiser – “Landscape art entries sought”

Helensburgh Advertiser – “Entries open for Jolomo”

Berwickshire News – “Borders landscapes set to feature in national art prize”

Oban Times – “Jolomo Bank of Scotland Award”

Arbroath Herald Series – “£35000.00 prize fund available in art contest”

Argyllshire Advertiser Series – “ Jolomo Launches His £25000 art prize”

August 2012

Sunday Post – “Picture a perfect money spinner” auctionOban Times – “Celebrity artwork auctioned”

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Argyll Art Scene”

Harrogat News – “Charity’s Brush with Fame helps carers”

July 2012

The Scotsman – “I can relax and concentrate on my art” Calum McClure

May 2012

The Glaswegian – “Power of art helps fight MS”

Evening News – “Splash out for the Yard” auction

April 2012

Argyllshire Advertiser – “ Jolomo Exhibits at Kilmartin”

Evening Times – “Celeb eggs get bunny looks”

The Oban Times – “Unseen Jolomo painting joins Journey to the Cross exhibitio”

Times Educational Supplement Scotland – “Senior pupils painting award”

The Scotsman – “Jolomo award for young artists”

The Herald – “Jolomo award”

March 2012

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Jolomo turns spotlight on hills of Kilmartin Glen”

Daily Record – “ Speaking out”

Scotland on Sunday – “This Land is our Land” exhibition on Gigha

February 2012

The Herald – “Top Scots artists lead the way at Lentfest event”

Argyllshire Advertiser Series – “ Delight as artist Jolomo boosts cancer support group with £2500 donation”

January 2012

The Scotsman – “Leap Gallery and garden Flat, Craigellachie”

Daily Express – “What’s on in Scotland Jolomo Boats Croft and Kirks”


December 2011

Perthshire Advertiser – “Artist donates painting to PRI’s Cornhill  Macmillan Centre”

The Times – “John Lowrie at Gallery Q”

Argyllshire Advertiser Series – “Jolomo holds Oban exhibition”

Oban Times – “ Jolomo exhibition will boost funds of Lighthouse Trust”

The Herald – “A Bella Christmas from Salmond

Argyllshire Advertiser – “ Jolomo donayes £2000 to pool”

The Scotsman – “ Viva the resolutions”

November 2011

East Lothian Courier –  “Jolomo returns to East Lothian”

East Lothian Courier -  “Visit to Gullane Art Gallery’a must’ for coveted exhibition”

Scotland on Sunday – “Gullane Art Gallery”

East Lothian Courier – “ What’s on John Lowrie Morrison at the Gullane”

Evening Chronicle – “ Maggie’s Matters” helping people live with a diagnosis of cancer

East Lothian Courier – “ John Lowrie Morrison at the Gullane”

Evening Times – “George rows to aid of cancer charity”

Courier & Advertiser - “Jolomo gift for centre”

The Scotsman – “Jolomo at the Gullane”

October 2011

Oban Times - “A view from the tower”

The Herald - “Artist set for religious festival”

September 2011

Highland News Series - “Each day we wrestle with THE COLOUR THIEF”

Paisley Daily Express -  “Art’s the way to do it”

Courier & Advertiser – “Winning paintings”

August 2011

Dunfermline Press – “Calum wins art prize”

The Oban Times – “

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Thought for the week” by Marilyn Sheddon

May 2011

The Herald – “Textile designer proves a cut above with bespoke fashion”

The Press and Journal – “Fashionable fabric not tweedy but trendy”     

The Herald arts – “The Air Gallery”“The Scottish Croft Scape”                    

The Scotsman – “Lie of the Land”

April 2011

Southern reporter – “Borders painter on 25,000 art prize shortlist”    

Berwickshire News – “castle home for local art talent”               

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Jolomo to help funds”                    

Lochaber News – “Judy helps at Dressed to Kilt”                    

Evening Times – “Celeb eggs get bunny looks”                    

Evening News – “We’ve cracked this fundraiser”                    

East Lothain News Series – “Events taking place near you”          

Border Telegraph – “Galashiels Academy Noticeboard”               

PSYBT – “Jolomo and the artists”                              

CalMag – “A picture of success jolomo and CalMac in 2005”          

PSYBT – “Jolomo and the artists”

          ‘The feed back from the judgeing panel  was just brilliant’  

March 2011

Argyllshire Advertiser – “McMillan family says thank you”          

The Herald – “I’m not painting to escape from anything. Or maybe I am”  

Evening Times – “Exhibitions”                              

Courier & Advertiser – “Designers win youth awards”               

The Press and Journal – “Fashion designer scoop top prize”

                    “Tweed showcase wins jolomo award”     

Scottish daily Express – “Glasgow Jack Frame”                    

Fife Free Press – “Success is looming”                         

The Herald – “Achieving a Natural Balance”                    

Scotland on Sunday – “Scottish Art Portfolio”                    

The Scotsman – “Painting with a view to 25,000 prize”          

The Press and Journal – “Artist in running for huge prize win”          

Evening Express – “woman in running for art award”               

Courier & Advertiser – “Artist lands spot on awards list”

February 2011

The Scotsman – “The Hebrides overture, by Felix Mendelssohn, and AE fond kiss, by Robert Burns”                    

The Scotsman – “Landmark occasion for Jolomo”                   

The Scotsman – “Landmark occasion for Jolomo”               

The Scotsman – “Biggar plans a tour of Britain to raise cash for kids”  

Evening Times – “Artist in the frame at local gallery”               

The Herald – “Gallery round up”

              “Argyll artists: New works from the west coast”          

The Press and Journal – “Dynamic exhibition to put a spring in your step

January 2011

Scottish Field – “Under a Jolomo Sky”                         

Scottish Field – “Claudia Massie”                              

Argyllshire Advertiser – “OBE for a ‘delighted’ Jolomo in honours list    

The Scotsman – “Shipyard scenes secure last Aspect prize”          

Third Force News – “Charity work noted in New Year’s Honours”     

The Scotsman – “Arts Diary, Go for Jolomo”                    

Scotland on Sunday – “Jolomo the four seasons on the Hebrides

Scotland on Sunday – “Review, The Torrance Gallery”                

Scotland on Sunday – “West end girl”                         

Evening Times – “Show puts rising art star in the frame”          

Argyllshire Advertiser Series – “Jolomo backs young motocross rider”  

The Herald – “MacGregor fine art”


December 2010

The Press and Journal- “In Brief”  “Young north designer in running for award”     

Courier & Advertiser – “Duo up for Jolomo awards”                              

Fife Free Press – “Weaving her way to top award”                                

Scotland Magazine – “Call for Art”                                                       

The Herald – “A happy couple…Vettriano unveils his card for Salmond”

Border Telegraph – “Rewarding designs”                                             

Lochaber News – “Fashion designer up for business accolade”            

Scotland on Sunday – “ What’s on” “The Queen’s gallery Dundee”     

Evening news – “Don’t snub Jack”                                                         

The Press and Journal – “Marvellous honour says top painter”          

The Press and Journal – “Who is who in today’s list OBE”               

Dundee Evening Telegraph – “OBE”                         

Courier & Advertiser – “Marvellous honour for landscape artist”     

Daily Record – “New Years Honours OBE”                    

The Scotsman “OBE”          

The Herald – “Singer and artist tell of their joy at honours OBE”       

The Mirror – “ New Years Honours The Arts OBE”               

Scottish Daily Mail – “OBE”                                   

The Daily Telegraph- “OBE”                              

The Times – “OBE”                                        

Evening Times – “OBE”                              

The Gaurdian – “New Year’s honours OBE”                                     

Evening Times – “Scots Awards OBE”                         

Evening Express – “OBE”                                   

The Buteman – “Jolomo show raises 2,000 for fight against MND     

The Times – “New Yeats Honours OBE”                         

Daily Mail – “OBE”     

November 2010

Buteman – “Five Bute exhibitions in ten years”                                     

Buteman – “Jolomo makes a welcome return to Rothesay”                    

Buteman – “Jolomo makes a welcome return to Rothesay”                    

Greenock Telegraph – “Hospice art show”                                             

Scotland on Sunday – “End of line for Scotland’s Turner”                    

The Scotsman – “Morrison takes human angle on tragic time”            

The Scotsman – “Jolomo sheds new light on dark episode”                 

The Scotsman – “Jolomo sheds new light on dark episode”                   

The Press and Journal – “Dundee duo on shortlist for Jolomo Awards”  

Dundee Evening Telegraph – “Woman artist in awards shortlist”          

Scottish review – “Catriona Walker, Clearances

October 2010

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Jolomo hears of award cash benefits” – “Third Jolomo Scottish Landscape Painting Awards launches for 2011   Yorkshire Evening Post – “Star artist’s gift helps carers charity”     

People – “Artist’s gift in memory of brother”                                

The Press and Journal – “Huntly firm hosts event for charity”         

The Press and Journal – “Firm’s annual dinner raises 30,000 for clan

September 2010

Oban Times – “The largest private arts awards in Britain”          

The Press and Journal – “Donated painting raises 2,000 In charity auction

Selkirk Weekend Advertiser – “Claudia finds beauty between a Rock and a hard place

Northern Scot – “Initiative turns focus on artistic talent”               

Yorkshire Post – “Arts Diary Will Marriott”                    

Sunday Post – “Vision of beauty, Keith defies blindness to Land top art prize

Harrogate Advertiser – “Celebrated artist exhibits”                             

Yorkshire Post Magazine – “Walker Galleries”                                   

Irvine Times – “Great Exhibition at Irvine Harbourside”               

Universal News – “Keith Salmon Jolomo 2010 Scottish landscape award  

Universal News – “Keith Salmon and John Lowrie Morrison”          

Southern Reporter – “Looking at rocks beneath the landscape”         

Montrose Review – “Local artist is awards finalist”                           

The Scotsman – “High Achiever”                                                      

The Scotsman – “At a brushstroke, prize money for Jolomo’s award Rises to £35,000”                                               

The Herald – “Arts prize raised”                                                       

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Jolomo offers artists chance to win increased Prize money of £35,000                         

Yorkshire Post – “Briefly, Artist’s bonus for Yorkshire charity”     

Evening News – “Around Town”  “Charity gets ready for maiden auction event”  

Oban Times – “Jolomo awards increase prize money to £35,000     

Oban Times – “A view from the tower”

August 2010

Argyllshire Advertiser Series – “Jolomo exhibits new work at the Archway”  

The Press and Journal – “Painter puts his art into charity fundraiser”

July 2010

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Jolomo donates 2,300 to Lochgilphead MS centre”  

PSYBT – “Jolomo count down”

June 2010

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Kilmartin prize winner announced”          

Broughty Ferry & Carnoustie Gazette – “Work on show”          

The Press and Journal – “Jolomo looks east”                    

Courier & Advertiser – “Pupils get artistic inspiration”          

Courier & Advertiser – “Gallery trips inspire pupil”               

Dundee Evening Telegraph – Pupils visit gallery for tips”

May 2010

The Press and Journal – “Hotelier backs artist with solo exhibition”  

Oban Times – “Jolomo still life works at Kranenburg”               

Oban Times – “A view from the tower”                         

Oban Times – “Jolomo supports PSYBT crafts entrepreneurs”          

Sunday Times – “Sophie McKay Knight and Jack Frame”

April 2010

Berwickshire News – “Castle to host local artist’s work”          

Scotland Magazine – “A life in colour”                         

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Unseen painting unveiled in Ardrishaig”    

The Press and Journal – “Chalk and Cheese art with attitude”          

Scottish Daily Express – “Glasgow Jolomo Crinan light”     

The Press and Journal – “In Brief New exhibition at Dundee gallery”  

The Herald – “Jolomo’s helping hand for young entrepreneurs”     

The Press and Journal – “In Brief Jolomo calls on young arts entrepreneurs”  

The Press and Journal – “Carers to benefit from jolomo exhibition”     

Courier & Advertiser – “Different strokes”                         

Carrick Gazette – “Jolomo calls on entrepreneurs”               

The Chronicle – “ Caledoniart, A hebridean light”                    

Wee Country News – “Calling clacks’ entrepreneurs”          

Scottish Daily Express – “Artist jolomo backs big prize”          

Oban Times – “Awards seek top arts and crafts entrepreneurs”          

Argyllshire Advertiser Series – “Art entrepreneurs wanted”          

Whisky Magazine – “Dramatic painting”                    

The Caledonian – “A hebridean light, 9th Annual London exhibition”

March 2010

East Lothian Courier – “Alan’s high hopes for Bellany artwork in charity auction

East Lothian Courier – “Alan’s high hopes for Bellany artwork in charity auction

The Scotsman – “People, seeing the bigger picture in charity drive for cancer trust

Scottish Field – “Scene around”                                        

Scotland Magazine – “Painting the nation”                         

The Herald – “Highlights Glasgow art fair”                    

February 2010

The Independent – “Album Review” “Come down with me”

Sunday Mecury – Music “Come down with me” (Rock Action)”

Southern Reporter – “Perthshire for Claudia’s work”

Sunday Herald – “Also Released Come down with me (rock action)  

January 2010

Sunday Herald – “Gatehouse gallery”

Edinburgh Evening Times – “Lecture series to draw on artist views”

The Scotsman – “Cains good – but I don’t think she’s the best of this Talented Scottish bunch”


December 2009

The Scotsman – “Christmas time… Politics and white”

The Scotsman – “Shallow sham sends a dodgy message”

The Scotsman – “Flagging up Christmas”

The Press and Journal – “Rivals object to salmond’s saltire greeting”

Stirling Observer – “Methodist art”

Oban Times – “Argyll artist becomes Dr JoLoMo”

Stirling News – “Smith exhibition reflects on faith”

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Honorary Doctorate for JoLoMo”

Courier & Advertiser – “Welcome home for pupls artwork”

Stirling Observer – “A brush with the bible for artist jolomo”

Ellon Advertiser Seies – “Holyrood headlines”

Oban Times – “JOLOMO promotes calender in Oban”

The Herald – “Art, folk, jazz, classical”

November 2009

Scotland Magazine – “Caledoniart Christmas 2009”

Argyllshire Advertiser – “Fete raises £2,500”

The Herald – “Gallery round-up”

The Scotsman – “Equal opportunity”

Courier and Advertiser – “Old school raises cash for kids”

The Press and Journal – Abertay to honour prolific Scottish landscape painter”

The Press and Journal – Students from Abertay celebrate graduation”

Edinburgh Evening News – “Artist’s brush with charity to aid poor”

October 2009

Ileach – “Islay studioe one year on”

Daily Mail – “ Boys are back in town”

September 2009

The Herald – “Gallery round-up”

The Herald – “Out of the blue”

The Herald – “Barr has benefited from the exposure of the jolomo awards”

The Herald – “Gallery round-up”

The Press and Journal – “Vivid world of carter at Heinzel”

The Herald – “Out of the Blue”

August 2009

Argyllshire Advertiser Series – “Strong sales for new jolomo works”

The Herald John Lowrie Morrision – “The storm”

The Herald – “Gallery round-up”

July 2009

Courier and Advertiser – “ A gallery in Auchterarder is celebrating”

Oban Times – “Stirring work by piping trust”

The Sunday Times – “The Sunday Times Summer”

The Press and Journal – “Artist aids lifeboat station”

The Sunday Times –“ On the edge of Buchan”

Glasgow Evening Times – Keith to exhibit art Ayr gallery”

Inverness Courier – “Prize win artist to show his work”

Strathspey and Badench Herald – Blind artist finds a new view on life”

The Sunday Times – On the edge og Buchan part 2”

June 2009

The Press and Journal (North East) – “Jolomo to show new Buchan cost paintings”

The Scotsman – “Visions of Beauty”

The Press and Journal (North) – “Jolomo landscape art prizewinners”

The Herald – “Gallery round-up”

The Herald – Bright future”

The Press and Journal (Moray) – “Salmon praises Jolomo’s coastal show”

Aberdeen Evening Express – “Minister to open art exhibtion”

The Herald - ”Talent shines even from bleak subject at students show”

Falkirk Herald – Puples at a Camelon Primary school”

Hightlands and Islands – “The Jolomo Foundation announces 2009 Winners”

Irvine Times – “Blind artist’s award joy”

Turriff Advertiser – “New exhibition Launched”

Bannffshire Journal – “It the JOLOMO show”

May 2009

East Lothain News series – “Everyone happy after kirk mount highly successful art exhibtion”

Evening Standard Magazine – “Air gallery exhibition advert”

Evening Standard Magazine – “Air gallery exhibition advert”

The Scotland on Sunday – “Love, faith and Clarity”

Courier and Advertiser – “Exhibition of Jolomo’s “spiritual” west coast”

The Herald – “Home comforts”

Sunday Post – “Everyone want more of Jolomo”

The Press and Journal – “Scots astist’s work will be among star lots at auction”

Scottish Field – A McMaster of art”

The Press and Journal (Aberdeen) – “Jolomo painting boosts  gala auction”

The Scotsman – “Brush with fame”

The Sunday Times – “Unmade beds? That’s diabolical”

The Scotsman – “Dereliction of beauty”

The Herald – “Gallery Round-up”

Aberdeen Evening Express  - “Artwork final seven for £20,000”

The Press and Journal (Aberdeen) – “Golfers raise £44,495 for cancer charity”

Courier and Advertiser (Angus) – “Artist to exhibit ahead of final vote”

The List – “The exhibition”

Oben Times – “Ten artist go on show in Oban”

Stirling Observer – “Artist inspired by landscape”

The Press and Jounal – “Golfers take to the greens in aid of Anchor unit”

The Newcastle Journal – “Dereliction of Beauty”

The Herald – “Gallery round-up”

April 2009

The Scotsman – “Scotland’s landscape unfolds in seven very different styles”

The Scotsman – “Briefing Artists vie for £20,000”

Oban Times – “Painted eggs raise funds for Mary’s meals”

Courier and Advertiser (Perth) – “short-listed for art prize”

Courier and Advertiser (Dundee) – “Artist short-list for award”

The Press and Journal – “Artist prize short-list is announced”

Courier and Advertiser (Angus) – “North-east artist makes shortlist for top prize”

Strathearn Herald- (Regarding Strathearn opening)

Courier and Advertiser – “Short-listed for art prize”

East Lothain News Series – “Top artist’s work to go on sale”

Aberdeen Evening Express – “Artwork in line for top award”

Banffshire Journal – “New guide gives the lowdown on Duff House events”

Irvine Times – “Salmon makes leap for top artists prize”

Oban Times – “Jolomo entry not so exciting”

The Scotsman – “Fried, boiled or painted”

The Press and Journal – “Mearns artist recreates dramatic wartime scene”

Courier and Advertiser – “Artist on shortlist for award”

Perthshire Advertiser – “Claudia in the frame for Jolomo award”

The Journal – “Buyers take chance to scoop up gems”

The Press and Journal – “CalMac to host annual visual and musical cruise”

Daily Record – “Culture Cruise”

The Press and Journal – “Renovation of church will allow brides to walk down the aisle”

Argyllshire Advertise Series - £10,000 raised to keep the pool afloat”

Oban Times – “Ferry journey puts carers in frame”

March 2009

Edinburgh Evening News – “ New Sick Kids hospital to have beds for every patient”

The Herald – “Gallery round-up”

The Scotsman – “Bid up on Jolomo”

Scotland on Sunday – “Jolomo picture raises £10,000 for charity”

Linlithgow Advertiser – Artist’s gift to aid youngsters”

The Baptist Times – Pictures of Paul”

Big Issue in Scotland – Roll up for art”

Oban Times – “Artists are good for mary’s meals”

February 2009

The Scottish Sun – Is the Duke’s Titian really worth our £50M?”

Daily Mail – “£50M Masterpiece is saved for nation”

Daily Mail – “Salmon is starstruck”

The Herald – “Gallery round-up”

The Times – “Jolomo’s artistic expression of faith”

January 2009

Oban Times – “Honour for Jolomo”

The Herald -  (Scotlands Homes) – “In the frame”

The Scotsman – “Dots on the landscape”


December 2008

Courier and Advertiser – “Perfect Picture”                         

Courier and Advertiser – “Bringing Scottish art to capital for good cause”     

The Sunday Times – Ecosse – Jolomo Aberdeen exhibition     

Scottish Daily Express – “Salmond sends his best fishes”     

The Press and Journal – “Jolomo artwork on sale at art gallery”     

The Scotsman – “Scaling the heights”                         

The Times – “Great and good put their cards on the table”     

Montrose Review – “Renowned artist to open new exhibition”          

The Press and Journal – “Jolomo returns to Aberdeen”               

The Daily Telegraph –  “The art that feeds the world”          

Oban Times – “Music proves common language”               

West End Extra – “Artists drawn to top award”               

Courier and Advertiser – “Doctorate for Jolomo”               

The Scotsman – “Emerging talent to get excited about”          

Edinburgh Evening News – “McCall Smith is the write stuff for trust”     

Homes and Interiors Scotland – “Alex Salmond”                 

PSYBT Magazine – Jolomo awards first     

Paisley Daily Express     - “Artist now an honorary doc”

November 2008

The Scotsman – “Awards”                                   

Stornoway Gazette – “Top award for Lewis textile designer”     

Strathearn Herald – “Gallery sponsors awards”

The Press and Journal – “Jolomo receives honorary doctorate”

Paisley Daily Express – “Doctorate for top painter”     

The Scotsman – “Heriot-Watt University”          

The Scotsman – “Dr Mo, I presume?”               

The Press and Journal – “Honorary Degree for Scots artist”     

The Herald – “University honour for artist Jolomo”          

The Press and Journal – “University honour for Argyll landscape painter”     

The Press and Journal – “Fort William artist to exhibit in London”          

October 2008

The List – “Picture Perfect”                                   

The Herald – “Scots charities are forced to cancel their fundraisers”     

The Times – “Leading artists urge nation to join fight to save Titian works”     

The Times – “Inspiring Titians must be saved for the nation”     

The Herald – “What taxpayers should now start to demand”          

The Daily Mail - “Cash of the Titians”                              

The Scotsman – “Cigars, champagne and caviar..”                    

The Press and Journal – “Young artisans have designs on Jolomo prizes”     

Orcadian – “Young Orkney craftsman in the running for third award”     

West Highland Free Press – “Kyleakin jeweller makes finals of business awards”

Linlithgow Gazette Series – “Group says thanks via Alan’s passion for art”     

Oban Times – “Artist tells of strong feelings for Mull”               

Oban Times – “Argyll pair in hunt for business awards”               

Orcadian – “Another award for Orkney craftsman”                    

West Highland Free Press – “Lewis designer wins PSYBT award”          

The Press and Journal – “Young entrepreneurs win Jolomo business awards”

September 2008     

The Herald – "Gallery Round-Up"                         

Carers of West Lothian Newsletter – "Jolomo exhibition donation"     

The Scotsman – "Land of the heart"                    

The Scotsman – "Hazy picture emerges of art sponsorship future"     

The Herald – "Charity sale of JoLoMo painting on the cards"     

The Scotsman – "The point of views"                    

The Herald – "£30,000 Jolomo art award launched"          

The Times – "Celebrity artists are killing the art of landscape painting"

Scottish Daily Mail – “Modern artists? They’re a blot on the landscape”     

Carers of West Lothian Newsletter – “Jolomo exhibition donation”         

Edinburgh Evening News – “Around Town” (launch of Jolomo Awards)     

July 2008

The Sunday Times – "Finger-clicking good"          

Oban Times – "Castle Stalker and JoLoMo join campaign"     

June 2008

Linlithgow Gazette – "Artist’s gift will help town’s young people"

Scotland on Sunday – "Barfly: Fuel of hope for charity drive"     

Oban Times – "Awards finalist hold first Argyll exhibition"

May 2008

The Press and Journal – "Seaside village is artists inspiration"

PSYBT.ORG.UK – "Jolomo’s inspired notion"

Calmag – "A picture of success – Jolomo and Calmac in 2005"     

Oban Times – "Artist hosts Colonsay cruise for charity"     

The Herald – "Gallery Round-Up"                    

The Press and Journal – "From oil to art"          

Courier and Advertiser – "A light touch"          

The Press and Journal – "Montrose artist’s change of scene.."

The Press and Journal – "Artist set to make her regional debut"     

The Herald – "Unusual Property"                     

The Scotsman – "Small island living"                    

Scotland on Sunday – "Alan Biggar’s wheeler (art) dealing"     

Oban Times – "New Oban ferry walkway opened"     

Forfar Dispatch Series – "The ‘Impressions of Catterline’"

The Press and Journal – "Duff House visitor numbers slump"     

April 2008

Orcadian – "New awards set up to encourage young people into business"

Oban Times – "Argyll artist boosts young entrepreneurs.. "

Oban Times – "An invited audience sampled the first of a new range.."

The Herald – Gallery Round-up                              

The Press and Journal – "Jolomo painting is up for auction"          

Argyllshire Advertiser Series – "New range of wine to feature Jolomo"     

Scottish Sunday Express – "Scotland’s First Lady steps out of the shadows"

The Press and Journal – "Tree made from coins could be a money spinner"

Aberdeen Evening Express – "Art’s a grand way to raise charity cash"     

The Press and Journal – "Macmillan Cancer Support Art Exhibition"     

Banffshire Journal – "Artist boosts Lifeboat funds for 2007"     

March 2008

Clydebank Post – "Unveiling Clydebank’s treasure trove of art"     

Edinburgh Evening News – "Masterpieces of the future at charity sale"

Press and Journal – "Jolomo urges young ‘be creative’"               

Press and Journal – "Top artist helps launch awards scheme"          

The Herald – "A master’s class"                              

The Scotsman – "Art attack"                              

Clydebank Post – "Who cares? Will does"                    

Stornoway Gazette – "New opportunities for Isles’ Artists     

Dunoon Observer – "New arts and crafts awards for young Scots launched"

The Scotsman – "Safe bets dominate at Glasgow Art Fair"               

Glasgow Evening Times – "Art show is ‘honour’ for city venue"     

February 2008

Lochaber News – "Art and photo exhibition will savour young and old"

Press and Journal – "Grand party on Nevis Range slopes.."     

The Scotsman – "Rural Scotland – a divided land"          

Sunday Herald – "Help your employees to unleash their creative spark"     

January 2008

Scotland on Sunday – "Red Lorry Yellow Lorry"                    

The Sunday Times – "Scottish TV is such a turn-off"     

Linlithgow Gazette Series – "Stunning Painting goes on show in town"

The Scotsman – "Salmond’s Christmas card artwork set to aid Scots charity"

Linlithgow Gazette – "Art of the Matter"          

The Press and Journal – "Picture Perfect"                                   

The Herald – "Painting a brighter future for children in care"     

Daily Mail – "Let them eat my oatcakes, insists first lady Moira"

Scottish Daily Express – "Gifts rolling in for popular Salmond"          

Edinburgh Evening News – "Salmond gets 72 gifts since election win"     

Aberdeen Evening Express – "Salmond returns pottery, plaque and paintings"


December 2007      

The Scotsman – Demands for apology as Salmond..

The Sunday Telegraph (Travel section) - My kind of town: Oban

The Sunday Times – Atticus

The Independent – Salmond lays into Blair’s ‘revolting family’ Christmas..

Scotland on Sunday -  Salmond in row over ‘revolting’ Blair family

The People – Blair’s ‘awful family card’     

Sunday Mail – Season of rude will..

Scottish Mail on Sunday – Salmond apology could be on festive cards

Daily Telegraph Scotland - Palace painting is fit for a Christmas card

The Scotsman – Salmond sending Christmas wishes with wintry painting by ‘Jolomo’

The Herald – Salmond’s card goes back to the basics with white Christmas from JoLoMo

The Press and Journal – Palace Christmas card scene is dear to my heart, says Salmond

Daily Record – Salmond’s First card

Scottish Daily Mail – Palatial greetings from the First Minister

Courier and Advertiser – Charity to auction official card painting

The Herald – Briefing: Jolomo

The Herald – Letters: Let us now restore the birthplace of Mary

Scotland’s Gallery Trail (Grampian)

The Scotsman – Salmond sending Christmas card with painting by ‘Jolomo’

Third Force News – First Minister’s card to benefit charity

Linlithgow Gazette – Card’s a work of art/ Palace promotion

Argyllshire Advertiser Series – JoLoMo’s cards for Scotland’s First Minister

The Press and Journal – Scots artist’s exhibition raises cash for the RNLI

Banffshire Journal – Painting a bright future

Ardrossan & Saltcoats Herald – A nice paint job!     

Oban Times – A View From The Tower     

Midlothian Advertiser – Pupils sing for Alex (unveiling of Christmas card)

Scottish Sunday Express – Famous play the card game

The Sunday Times – Jolomo bottles his landscapes

The Scotsman – Young Artists (Anna King)

November 2007        

The Scotsman – Brush with greatness (Joan Eardley)

The Sunday Times (Ecosse section) – Kranenburg Fine Art exhibition  
The Press and Journal – Practice makes perfect for young artists

Journal and Gazette – First choice (Alex Salmond)

The Herald – Gallery Round-up

The Herald – Bleak Beauty (Anna King)

Southern Reporter – Top Scottish Talent to showcase in Melrose

The Scotsman – 100 Voices: St Andrew’s Day

Top Scot dedicates award to his ‘little angel’     (Spirit of Scotland Awards)


October 2007       

The Herald – Five go looking to reinvent Scots image

Oban Times – Oban hosts Jolomo’s biggest exhibition of 2007

Oban Times (News section) – ‘Strapped to the mast’

September 2007       

Press & Journal Aberdeenshire – Original paintings by top Scottish artist
Inverurie Herald – Lowrie’s work showcased     

Inverurie Advertiser – A selection of original paintings

Ellon Times – A view from Holyrood     

August 2007    

The Sunday Times, Home – Cabin Fever

Press & Journal North East – Mixed exhibition is striking and rewarding

June 2007       

The Herald – Jolomo awards see female artists shine
The Times – New Director at National Galleries
Aberdeen Evening Express – Arty Alex backing exhibition
The Banffshire Journal – Exhibition is full of eastern promise
Press & Journal – Scots artist’s exhibition set to put north-east in the picture

Scotland on Sunday – What’s on
Sunday Mail – Alison’s Diary
Sunday Times – Culture - The Guide
Oban Times – Stunning entry for Jolomo Foundation Award
Sunday Herald – 7 things you have to do this week

Banffshire Journal – Pupils preparing for a painting performance
Edinburgh Evening News – Well blow me down

The Times – Landscape painters vie for £20,000 Scots prize

May 2007        

Sunday Times – Crusader with art of gold
Sunday Mail – Our brushes with success

The Scotsman – Art at the edge of the world
Press & Journal – Jolomo’s work an education for pupils

The Scotsman – Shortlist promotes a varied palette of emerging artists
Oban Times – Jolomo cruise raises cash for carers     
The List – News Extra

Oban Times – Floating exhibition to boost carers’ funding     

Homes & interiors scotland – a passion for Scotland and a passion                           

London Evening Standard – is this the new Vettriano?          

April 2007         

Press & journal – arts displays               

Press & journal – artist in for award          

Scotsman review – what I listen to when i’m….     

Oban Times – Jolomo exhibition and Book of Kells on Iona  

March 2007         

North East Courier – Artist Shortlisted For Awards                                             

Leith Gazette – artist in the frame for prize          

Border Telegraph – Anna aims for top art prize     

Fife Herald – art prize finalist               

Aberdeen Evening Express – landscape artist in running for inaugural award                         

Press & Journal – painter hopes to draw support for art prize                                        

Press & Journal – Jolomo looks east for Duff House return                                        

Aberdeen Evening Express – Jolomo’s works go on show                                        

Borders Times – star rise again to raise funds for charity – and have lunch                         

The List – nine of the best                         

Montrose Review – artist ingrid up for major Prize
Berwickshire News – Greenlaw artist is inspired by border landscape                              

Scotland on Sunday – what’s on          

Courier & Advertiser – exhibition in memory of pet dog                                        

Dundee Evening Telegraph – artists making their way                                                       

West Highland Free Press – Harris artist in the running for top prize                                   

Argyllshire Advertiser – supporting Barney                             

The Scotsman – how to sell your house for a lot more Monet                                        

Sunday Post – dad’s Chinese mission to fightKiller disease     

February 2007         

Aberdeen Evening Express – People’s Painter                    

Argyllshire Advertiser – Jolomo Donates Exhibition Proceeds To Charity                         

Scotland On Sunday – Bank On Manus To Know His Art From His Elbow                              

Press & Journal – Enormous Pattern Of Eye-Smacking Colour                              

Aberdeen Evening Express – Jolomo Show Is Just Fantastic                                        

Stv News Broadcast     

Sunday Times – A Sketch of Carbeth Past                      

The press & journal – parents are buying paintings to instil the value of money                                   

The Scotsman – nine artists line up for £20,000 prize               

The Herald – nine in running for “anti – turner” prize     

January 2007         

Edinburgh Evening News – Art Event Will Raise Funds For Carers’ Trust                              

Scotland On Sunday – Sky’s The Limit For Bids As Auction Nears Final Countdown                         

Flow – Alumni News, Jolomo Awards                    

Argyllshire Advertiser – Jolomo Makes Charity Donation                                        

The Oban Times – Big Entry For Jolomo Foundation Awards                                        

Aberdeen Citizen – Artist In The Frame                    

Aberdeen Independent – Art Exhibition Opens In City                                             



The Oban Times

The Argyllshire Advertiser

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Fife Courier - Art exhibition benefits charity

All Media PRTC

Oban Times - team Jolomo walk for charity

Argyllshire Advertiser

The Buteman - Jolomo returns to Castle Gallery

Oban Times - Jolomo goes State side 2006

Courier - Ferry Art Gallery benefits charity

Herald & Post - Artists floating show to boost funds for bus

Oban Times - Jolomo takes to the high seas

The Herald - Jolomo launches £30,000 art prize

The Herald - artist launches Scottish talent award

Press & Journal - Jolomo launches Scottish talent award

Oban Times - the Jolomo Foundation

Scotsman - I think the Turner prize getting a bit tired, we have got to move on

Herald - don’t get hung up its only art

Sunday Times - watch out for paint work

The Lennox - songs in the key of life

Daily Mail - welcome aboard

The Herald

The Scotsman

The Sunday Times

The Daily Mail

Argyllshire Advertiser - inspiring night time exhibition

Sunday Times - Scottish artists attack NGS’s £10m bid

The Oban Times - Dead sheep killing artistic heritage

Daily Mail

The Sunday Post

Helensburgh Advertiser – New Rowan Gallery Puts Helensburgh In The Picture                              

Herald – Top Scots Artist Accuses Plagiarist Painters Of Cashing In On Popularity Of His Brightly Coloured Work

Scotland Magazine – New Art Prize For Scottish Landscape Painters                              

Daily Mail – Painting Into A Corner                         

Argyllshire Advertiser – Kranenburg Advert                           

Daily Mail – Traditionalists Sink Teeth Into Unmade Bed Brigade                         

The Scotsman – 100 Voices, Independence Or Union                  

Scotland On Sunday – Rising Star – Jamie Primrose               

.Press & Journal – Dead Sheep Killing Artistic Heritage                                   

The Times – Hugo Rifkind, People                         

Press & Journal – Mp To Open Jolomo’s Show                    

Scotland On Sunday – Foundation Advert                           

Oban Times – New Jolomo Art Exhibition & Promise Of More To Come                              

Scotland On Sunday – Rising Star, Michael Slater                    

The Sunday Post – The Worlds Gone Mad For Jolomo                 

Scottish Field – Scots Charity Art Show                    

Aberdeen Evening Express - £30,000 Art Prize Is A Huge Draw                                   

Dundee Courier - £20,000 Prize On Offer To Artist                           

Argyllshire Advertiser – Jolomo Launches £30,000 Landscape Painting Prize                    

Scotland On Sunday – My Cultural Life – Jolomo                       

Dunoon Observer – Jolomo Exhibition                    

Strathearn Herald – Huge Variety Of Artwork On Offer                                   

Art Work – Tighnabruaich Exhibition Advert                           

Mearns Leader – Jolomo Competition                    

Inverurie Herald – Cash Prize On Offer In Art Competition                                         

Perthshire Advertiser – Art Lecture                         

The Scotsman – Birthday Post                         

Dunoon Observer – Ms Presentation                                

The Herald – Your Guide To Frames & Fortune                      

Scotland On Sunday – Their Vision Is Stolen But Not heir Hope                         

Scotland On Sunday – A Lot More Ways To Make A Big Difference                                   


The Scotsman ‘Critique’                                                           

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Aberdeen Independent                                                            

Aberdeen Evening Express

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Scottish Daily Mail                                                              

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The Herald                                                                          

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The Herbridean                                                                   

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The Oban Times                                                                 

Saturday Scotsman

The Buteman                                                                        

Saturday Herald


The Daily Mail                                                                      

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The Buteman

The Oban Times                                                                   

The Saturday Herald

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The Dunoon Observer

The Herald                                                                           

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The Sunday Times

The Sunday Mail                                                                   

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The Church Times


The Herald.                                                                          

The Argyllshire Advertiser

The Sunday Herald.                                                            

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The Scotsman.                                                                     

The Dunoon Observer

The Oban Times.                                                                 

The Dundee Courier

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South China News.                                                              

The Argyllshire Advertiser

Ta Kung Pao - China.                                                         

The Press & Journal

The Dundee Courier                                                            

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The Daily Express                                                                

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